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The Hour of Holiness Podcast

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Aug 23, 2009

Series: Holy Sexuality
Originally aired 8/23/2009.

HoH Site Admin
over twelve years ago


No, we have not changed anything about the way the audio files are delivered. I have not been able to detect any problems with downloading the two most recent episodes. Please send an email to with as detailed a description as possible explaining what is happening when you attempt to download. Thanks.

ginger cagle
over twelve years ago

I and my husband have been listening every sunday for two years now. We are in search of a church and are encouraged by your messages each week. We pray for you as you boldly speak out. Is there a way to get this series on holiness?

HoH Site Admin
over twelve years ago

Ginger, thank you for your interest in the Hour of Holiness ministry. We are glad that it has had a meaningful impact on your life.

Please clarify your last question for us. You asked: \"Is there a way to get this series on holiness?\" All sermons hosted on this site are free for download to your Mac or PC.

Bob Sharpe
over twelve years ago

I have been enjoying this series on Holy Sexuality, I have downloaded Pts 1,2&3. When I attempted to download the last two messages I have not been able to. Did you change something or do I need to change something to continue enjoying this series? Thank you, Bob Sharpe